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What should the ideal date? Dating! At this word everyone responds normally accelerated breath and heart palpitations. In fact, man is happy he would see a loved one, but is accompanied by something else. Yes, it probably needs to be stress. It can not be overcome in any way, nay, every minute before the meeting increases until it finally reaches its zenith when she becomes the door of the girl. Similarly they have and women. They also get stressed before the coming of the boy - wonder if they are properly dressed, makeup, whether the boy will like smell that chose? These are the dilemmas inevitable, and those who actually experiencing every time we go on a date, meet called by mutual agreement. If you are a man who is not experienced with women, and who really wants to gain experience, then you can do it through our agency. Our girls offering escort service in Hong Kong are able to provide you with the most important knowledge about the other sex, and all this so that you could admire each other a girl to win her heart  Are you looking for the best quality of escort Hong Kong has to offer? Then you have come to the right place. At V.I.P. Escort Hong Kong, we specialize in providing the highest quality of escorts at fair and honest rates, always making sure that we deliver a service which is built especially for the needs and requirements of our clients. When it comes to giving people access to the best quality of escort Hong Kong might have many choices, but we believe that here at our agency we can give you escorts that are far more personable, attractive and engaging in conversation. After all, who wants to hire an escort who can just give them boring conversation and a monotonous night? With V.I.P. Agency, you are hiring the kind of Hong Kong escorts that you would have been hoping for. By this, we mean that you get someone who excites you as much as interests you, making it much easier to buy into their overall mentality and to get to know one another on a more personable level. Connection is just as important when you are with an escort than it is with anyone else, so we make sure to help you find the right connection. Trusted Escort and Companionship Hong Kong and nearby area One of our major benefits is that we make it easy to find Hong Kong escorts and beyond. All of our services are simple, our girls are varied and the offers we can provide you with are of excellent value. Nothing is more important than delivering a professional and friendly escort service to our clients around Hong Kong, and to do that we only hire the best girls in town. This makes our service far more trustworthy, giving you access to girls you’ll love spending time with. They're not just simple girls, they're ex top models - they're the very best escortgirls.. 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And how should such a perfect date look like? Actually, there is no happy medium and Best Screenplay. If the whole meeting do not close their mouths shut and there is a lot of laughter certainly you can be considered as a successful date. It all depends on what both sides expect of each other. Besides, if you and a girl and a boy are eager to meet it certainly will both try to ensure it went as well. And this is probably the way to a successful date. Because if you need something more than desire? Probably not. If they are, it is enough even to go for a walk to the park and is sure to be fun. Without entire splendor associated with cinema, restaurant. Hours of walking the winding paths are extremely romantic and certainly will be a lasting memory of both parties. Besides, how much time you can discover interesting places. It is impossible to enumerate the advantages of such a walk, moreover, the most important thing when it's just talk. It's probably the best form of dating, if you want to learn as much as possible about the other person. Nothing brings so much information as to exchange views and ideas. If you are afraid to talk to women, or do not have experience in meetings with them, you do not have to worry about using our escort service in Hong Kong you learn everything. Wondering if this is fair? And the best gains the experience? Of course, through practice, and better do it with experienced girls right?

How do I get the perfect date became the beginning of a new friendship? Each meeting can go to history, to the history even of the newly relationship. if a man really try it will certainly be able to say that this was the beginning that changed everything in his life. The beginnings as it is generally believed are the best. Butterflies in my stomach, always thinking about the other person and waiting for the next meeting. Nothing is able to show how much he wants to meet with the other person, and there are no words that can express how the girl or boy feels after a successful date. Therefore, it is advisable to it that first date was the best and at the same time the beginning of something new. The ideal date gives the satisfaction of both parties. Worse happens in the moment in which one of the parties thinks that the meeting was successful, and really this other person is thinking just the opposite. But as a rule so that it knows whether the meeting was successful and whether the other person will call, and the first one will want to agree to another date. You can feel it, not to define how it feels, but it sure is that at parting already can tell if there will be something more, or are unlikely. After the meetings with our girls you will gain confidence and no dating will not be a problem for you. Check our escort service in Hong Kong and have fun! See girls on our website and do not hesitate!

Few Experiences of our Girls are below

Special Train Fantasy I am a woman who travels a lot by car, by plane and by train. Today I will share with you one of the most intense experiences that I have ever encounter. It was a late night, I was tired after a long day. I needed to take the train for an 8 hours trip, good thing that I booked a sleeping cabin. I arrive at the train station: 30 minutes train delay. Besides of being tired, now I am angry too. I go and buy myself a coffee, then head straight to the waiting room. It was almost empty, just a few people staying and waiting, probably the same train as me. I choose a chair to sit down and I start wasting time on my phone, looking up from time to time to see what other people are doing and when the train will arrive. Suddenly, I saw a classy man, well-dressed and imposing. I could feel how my blood flows through my whole body and that was the time I knew I want him. I decided to go and talk to him. Having a job as an escort helps me in my real life. I am very sociable and I can read people very easily. We talked for a few, long minutes when suddenly my train is announced. I excuse myself and tell him I need to go because the train I am waiting for will arrive soon. He smiled, took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said: "I am waiting the same train as you". We boarded the train and then proceed to my place. - I will stay here. - That's perfect because my seat is only a few cabins in front. Maybe I can stay with you if you want, since there is almost nobody in this train. We can stay together and the time will pass easier. I could feel how I am getting more and more excited and couldn't wait until the train controller will come to check our tickets. - Of course you can stay, come in, I booked the whole sleeping cabin, I don't like to share my private space with some other people, but you are the only exception. The temperature in the train compartment was very high and after the train controller come to check out our tickets, I went and lock the door. - It's too hot here, don't you think? - Yes, maybe we should take down your blouse. I started undressing myself, first I slowly took off my blouse, and then my pants easily fell down. I started touching myself in front of him and I help him take his clothes off. Then I started dancing and touching his nicely shaped body. He started kissing my breasts and my whole body was tripping in his hands. I knew that was the beginning of a night I will never regret. We spent an unforgettable time together and we often meet in that train station and relive that adventure. If you liked this fantasy, you will definitely love this kinky fantasy with another environment.

Kinky Fantasy in the Park Three years ago I had one of those special adventures that you only read in books about them. I am that kind of girl who is calm, childish, romantic and emotional. Today I will share to you a unique moment of my life, the moment I realized that I am perfect to become an escort. It was a sunny evening when I decided I need to go out for a walk. I was a little tired after a boring day at the University, full of hard classes and seminars, so I decided I need to spend some time alone, relaxing myself. I grabbed my favorite book and head straight to one of the biggest parks in my city, I was definitely convinced that I will finish reading the book, but actually the opposite thing happened. Anyway, I arrived at the park and I chose a bench. I forgot to mention what is the main reason I adore this park: it is quiet, peaceful and it is not crowded with annoying people or noisy kids. The night settles and I can barely see to read my book. Ugh, annoying. I went to find another place, where the light is stronger. Yay, I finally found it! It was a small place, very bright, right near a skateboard park. I proceed reading my book, but suddenly, a mysterious body steals my body. Nervous, I look up to scold him, who is he to interrupt my reading? Well... he was a tall, beautiful man, with deeply bright blue eyes and a innocent look. He asked me what am I doing in this park at such a late hour (and it was really late, I didn't realize how quickly the time has passed). I told him that I needed some time to relax, then he seated next to me and we started to talk. The park was empty, there was no man, just the two of us. Suddenly, I felt a hand down on my leg, rubbing and climbing up my thighs. I was a little surprised by what he was doing, but I will not deny that I didn't like it. He started to kiss me and with the other hand he started massaging my breasts. At that time, I was really excited and I felt like I wanted him more than that. He slowly took of my underwear and he started to massage my intimate parts. I was on the heights of happiness. He suddenly put down on his knees and he offered me one of the best oral that I have ever had. I was so excited at that time, but I found the power to tell him that I wanted to do the same to him. He smiled and continued his part and after a couple of minutes, he stood up and told me: "It's all yours". I was happy that I finally could show him my skills and I am more than sure than he was really delighted. I loved the way he looked at me, I just love watching men happy, relaxed and pleased. 

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