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Erotic Massages in Hong Kong Steamy Massages provides erotic massages to hotels and private residents in Hong Kong and surrounding Hong Kong cities. We have some of the most beautiful masseuses from around Hong Kong providing an array of different erotic massage packages, each one specially tailored to suite our clients varying sexual needs. Our massages are designed to provide an erotic experience that will leave you both physically relaxed and sexually satisfied. At Steamy Massages we are not looking to tease our customers with erotic massages which don't lead anywhere, rather our goal is to facilitate in your sexual release.  Erotic Massage Packages Listed below are our erotic massage packages on offer. It should be noted that these packages can be adapted to suite your needs, in fact we encourage our clients to be creative in tailoring our services.  

Erotic Massage Masseuses Listed below are our masseuses providing erotic massages

FIONA Fiona is a sexy, fun loving, saucy masseuse who is sure to satisfy your every wish. Fiona has an uncanny ability to discovery what her client's need the most, making her extremely popular with our regulars. When it comes to erotic massages Fiona is a first rate professional, it really doesn't get better than this.  Age: 25 Nationality: Eastern Hong Kongan Services: Tantra Massage, Body to Body Massages, 4 Hands Massages Travel: Yes

DENISE Denise is one of those quite girls in public who comes alive behind closed doors. Denise has a truly gorgeous body making her perfect for body to body massages. If you are looking for a masseuse who will give you the FULL experience then look no further. Age: 24 Nationality: Hungarian Services: Tantra Massage, Body to Body Massages, 4 Hands Massages Travel: Yes

Hong Kong Hotel Massages There is nothing quite like having an erotic massage after a long day at the office. Tired, stressed and preoccupied with working, this is no way to begin a good nights rest, yet it's the story of many a business man. We however have a far better idea ... why not have a sensual erotic massage by a gorgeous young woman whose only focus is to satisfy your every need and when you're done you're already relaxed in bed ready for a good nights rest.  WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?  Many a business man have thought about the idea but are often too afraid of what hotel staff or other guests might think about such services. Stop thinking about this, you're in Hong Kong, the land of the sexually free, people don't bat an eyelid about things like this, in fact one of Hong Kong's major tourist attractions is sex (Red Light District). That being said, we also value our customer's privacy and therefore operate at a very discrete level. Our masseuses are well dressed and present themselves like any other quest, seamlessly passing in and out of hotels.  Common Questions ? ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN COSTS All expenses are included in the price. We charge 150 Euros per hour and this includes travel, oils and condoms. It should be pointed out that extra services can be purchased in addition to the standard massage packages but these are extras.  CAN I TOUCH THE MASSEUSES Yes you can ... in fact we encourage this. During all massages the masseuse will be naked, for certain erotic massages the masseuse will use her entire body as part of the massage.  CAN I HAVE SEX WITH THE MASSEUSES Yes you can .... BUT, this is not part of the standard 150 Euros per hour. If you could like to convert your erotic massage into sex you need to pay extra for this service.  DO MASSEUSES GIVE HAPPY ENDINGS WITHOUT CONDOM This is not part of our erotic massage packages, however we do have masseuses which do offer this service for an additional 50 Euros. It is recommended that you request this service prior to the booking to allow us to provide the correct girl for you. DO MASSEUSES PROVIDE ANAL   Anal is a specialist service and we do charge extra (100 Euros) ... please note, this service must be preordered as not all our masseuses offer this service.   CAN I HAVE AN EROTIC MASSAGE IN MY HOTEL ROOM Of course ... this is our primary service. We provide erotic massages to hotels in Hong Kong and surrounding areas. Make a Booking 




With over 100 stunning models to choose from, our girls are some of the most popular escorts working in the industry today. Whether you’re looking for steaming eyes that you can cook an egg on or luscious hair that calls to mind the ocean, in both smell and touch, Hong Kong Escort has what you’re looking for.

We encourage you to get lost in our vivacious angels. They are ready to please you. No matter the age, Hong Kong Escort has you covered. We have girls in their early twenties, and girls a little older. No matter the body type, Hong Kong Escorts has you covered, whether you’re looking for a girl that’s 33B-23-35 or one that’s 35C-25-36. We have escorts from all corners of the globe, including Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Slovenia, Scotland, Holland, Canada, Finland, England and more!


HOTEL DELIVERY All bookings will be delivered directly to your hotel. There are no hidden charges and deliveries are included in the price. For destinations which are in remote locations outside of Hong Kong we may ask for a minimum booking of 2 hours, this will be stated upfront. HAPPY ENDINGS GUARANTEED  All massages comes with Happy Endings as part of the package. There is no additional charge for this service. Other services which are not part of the package can be purchased as and if needed. MASSAGE EQUIPMENT We bring all our own equipment directly to you. No massage beds are used, instead we operate a discreet service and use the hotel's beds. Things link massage oils, condoms etc are part of the package and brought by our lovely ladies. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Additional services can be purchased if the need arises or the moment takes you as the client to another level. All masseuses provide this option, for exceptional requests these should be agreed upon prior to meeting to ensure the masseuse is both capable and prepared to partake in the act, this will ensure both parties are in agreement with the act.  

Our Massage Masseuses Choose from our experienced masseuses providing erotic massages in  Hong Kong

Erotic Hong Kong Hotel Massages Climax Massages provides erotic massages to hotels in Hong Kong and other major Hong Kong districts. Traditionally massage services have required clients to go to the massage company. At Climax Massages we have distilled the key ingredients of a good massage down to its key components, allowing us to provide the same experience in the privacy of your hotel room. We have also adapted all our massages to come standard with the ever important happy ending, which translates into all our customers being completely satisfied with the final outcome. TANTRA MASSAGE Tantra massage is a ritualised massage of receiving sexual energy. It creates an environment in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present. 4 HANDS MASSAGE 4 Hands massage is an erotic deep massage performed by 2 masseuses. Both masseuses work together to overwhelm the senses and create a unique experience not to be missed. NURU MASSAGE Nuru massage is an erotic massage in which the masseuses rubs their body against the clients' body while both parties are nude and covered with an odourless and tasteless massage oil.

Massages Nuru Massage The Nuru massage is an erotic massage that involves both the masseuse and the client being naked. The masseuse uses her entire body to perform the massage. In addition we have adapted the experience to include the famous "Happy Ending". Why get a Nuru Massage? Using standard escort services can for many men become boring. The Nuru massage provides an exciting alternative, with all the same benefits. If you have not tried it then there is no time like the present. Background Nuru is a Japanese word meaning "slippery". The exact history is rather vague but most information points to it deriving from the "Soaplands" of Japan which was popular for their soapy massages. In time it grew in popularity and spread throughout Asia and then rest of the world. Some reports claim it was created to evade the law by offering an experience that was close to a sexual experience. At the time of its creation, paid sex was illegal in Japan so this was a clever alternative. On that point, it should be noted the Nuru massage is 100% legal in Hong Kong. Nuru Massage Masseuses These are the masseuses which perform the Nuru Massage. All girls are properly training in performing the massage. Masseuses will bring all items required for the massage, so there is nothing you need to worry about.


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