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To contact us for booking or a reservation by telephone you can contact us anytime at (852) 8108 7827 or SMS at (852) 9407 5634. Or please send us an email at [email protected]. We are delighted to receive email and will reply to you immediately.    Escort Agency 101 – Extended Services As business entities, an escort agency is one which stands as an arbiter of sorts, one which matches clients with escorts, with the perfect pairing of the two being anescort agency’s optimum service highlight. Welcome. If you are looking for escorts services in Hong Kong, you are in the right place. You need to know as much information as you can about them before you hire one. Like other customers looking for a fine time, you have come with a special kind of escort in mind, and this must be the Russian escort Hong Kong. Well, our slogan is, you need it, we have it! You need a Russian escort Hong Kong? We will show you why great Vodka is not the only reason why Russia is so well known. We have beauties that have been brought up in Russia, with real good-looking Slavic features, sophistication and classy. When you feel like you need to unwind and get your mind off from the hustles and bustles of life, a woman comes to mind. As they say in Africa that if you need to eat meat choose the fattest swine … well… if you need to enjoy the robust pleasures of the flesh, you need to choose a good woman. And they do not come any better than Russian. Call us today! In life, we spend a lot of time looking for money. However, one needs to relax have fun and treat yourself. One way of doing that is hiring an escort. This is why you need a Russian escort Hong Kong. You need company – your Russian escort Hong Kong will offer the best Firstly, you need company. Hiring an Hong Kong escort means that you will get a chance to enjoy the company of a pretty lady. Just imagine having a witty talk with a lady of your choice? As you relax in Hong Kong, you chase away boredom by having somebody to explore the town with. In some business meetings a pretty lady helps seal the deal. You get a chance to make your colleagues envious a little bit. Having a beautiful sophisticated lady will be a plus for your ego. Some bosses need you to hook them up with a gorgeous company and that is where escorts come in handy. You could also be in a party and you want your friends to be impressed an escort is all you need. Are you visiting Hong Kong for the first time? Need not to worry. Hiring a Russian escort Hong Kong will guarantee that you will not get lost in the streets of Hong Kong. Imagine this situation; you are having a very gorgeous girl as a tour guide cum company. It does sound great, doesn’t it? Imagine having all that plus her nice figure giving you a tour of her body? Still you may want to get some nice pleasurable services. This is the best solution for you. You will get classy, sophisticated and experienced lady to suit your fantasy. You will get sensual massages, role plays, threesomes, strip tease and partner swap. Whatever you want they will provide and even exceed your expectations. Do not waste time; book our services to get any or all of the benefits outlined above. Be sure you will not regret.  However, pairing beautiful and gorgeous escorts with clients is not the only service feature which an escort agency has to offer to clients, with extended services designed to maximize the experience clients could get to have with their escorts. Here are some of the known extended escorts services often featured by reputable and reliable escort agency. Hotel/Lodging Booking Services – For out-of-town clients, a number of escort agencies highlight hotel/lodging booking services, making things easier and more convenient for their clients when they arrive in town. From picking out lodging venue options based on slated budget terms, to offering hotel reservation services to clients who have regular hotels of their choice, hotel/lodging booking services comes as an extra edge for escort service agencies, one which falls in line with an escort agency’s commitment in being of service to those who call them. Dinner Escort Date – With reservations to dining destinations as an extended service featured by escort agencies, clients don’t have to worry about where to go when they are with their escorts. Generally, escort agency which feature Dinner Reservation services have an “insider” network when talking about restaurants and dining venues, giving them an upper edge with where reservations in various venues are concerned. For those who have found difficulty in successfully arranging a reservation for a particular venue, the extended services of an escort agency may just be the quick and convenient solution to such difficulties.   Itinerary Mapping – Though not often encountered, a number of escort agencies feature itinerary mapping services to their clients, one which comes as great news, especially for those who are on vacation. Often combined with other featured extended services, itinerary mapping services includes airport pick-up services, hotel booking services, escort-as-a-tour-guide companion services, and more. With an escort agencies being in the know with the where and how much details of hotels, clubs, and other service standards and costs, itinerary mapping services affords out-of-town clients with the convenient feature of a comprehensive travel/visit itinerary. With such an extended service, all clients have to focus on is to have a good time with their escorts, as all other details had already been ironed out and previously arranged by their escort agency’s featured extended services.   When talking about escort services, many are often stuck between choosing the services of independent escorts or opting for the services of an established escort service provider. Given that both independent escorts and agency escort services have upsides and downsides over the other, here’s a quick take on the core differences between the two, in an effort to help you decide which is better suited for you. Agency-based Escort Service Providers Agency-based escort service providers, simply put, are entities which highlight service features for clients, pertaining to the companionship of escorts connected with the agency. Typically, the handle everything a client would have concerns over, including bookings, destinations, evening itineraries and more. Payment methods and price terms are also efficiently handled by agency-escort services, adding more features to its offered highlight services. An escort service provider is always inclined in considering a client’s enjoyment, and as such, allows clients the value of options, each geared to satisfy a client’s particulars and/or demands from an escort. This comes as an added plus for clients, since they could ideally find an escort whom they feel they could warm up to, easily. Also, escort services – legit and reputable ones – are inclined to adhere to a code of privacy and security, implementing operational modes which are built on keeping things private when they should. However, when generally compared to the services and rates of independent escort service providers, agency-base escort services tend to cost more, which could be a problem for some. Independent Escort Service Providers  In most cases, independent escort service escorts are ladies and/or gents who used to be connected to an agency, opting to go “freelance” in the trade they are engaged in.

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 Since the setup of agency-based escort service providers is that of “employer-employee”, with the agency being the employer and the escort being the employee, independent escorts are both employer and employee, which means that transactions and arrangements between clients and escorts are direct with each other. Though this may sound simple and straightforward enough, managing schedules and meet up points could cost more for clients, along with the cost of other arrangements which an independent escort would dictate to his/her terms. Also, with independent escorts, maintaining client-privacies aren’t as assured when compared against the services of agency-based escorts, though independent escort services would generally cost lesser compared to agencies. Do well in picking out the right escort service type which suits with you, and you’ll surely celebrate fun filled nights with the right escort by your side.   Famed for its beaches, Hong Kong is equally famed for its slews of visitors, from tourists and businessmen alike. Being a growing hub for visitors, the rise of escort service providers in Hong Kong comes as no surprise, catering to the needs of those in search for good company and good times. However, as popular escort service providers in Hong Kong are, there are a number of cases when an unwary visitor ends up getting into a bit of trouble, having called upon the services of illegitimate escort services. Here are some tips to help you find the right escort service provider when you do get to drop by Hong Kong. Before heading down to the fray… Before anything else, gaining a firm grasp over an escort service provider’s featured services would be a solid first step, giving you the upper hand of knowing what to expect. Online listings would be one good avenue in finding out which service provider fits with you and your budget, and thoroughly examining an entity’s featured highlights would have to be called upon. Given that different escort service providers offer different services, take note of what particulars you are on the lookout for, and match those with what your online search would yield. Closely examine services, packaged price bundles, featured promotions and all other details, maximizing your online search to its best. The Importance of Establishing Contact Once you’ve pegged an escort service provider that suits your fancies, get ahold of the service provider and gain personal insight over their offered pricing structures. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting the best, since mid-range options could equally do the trick. The point is to gain working knowledge on how much the escort service provider would cost you. Verify Documents/Records After throwing out the basic how much questions, looking into an escort service providers operational documents and records would follow. This step is quite easy and straightforward to understand, since looking into the specifics and documents of an escort service provider would assure you that you are dealing with a legitimate entity. Once you’ve gathered enough information, all you’ll have to do then is head down to Hong Kong, where the best escort services will surely lead you into experiencing the best visit you’ll ever get to chance upon. Are you looking for a companion you need for couple of hours or one night? If you are someone having difficulty in finding a companion for a certain event that you have to attend, hiring an escort can be considered a good option.   It will only take you few efforts and your problem with companion is finished. At first you have to find reliable and authentic escort services. You can search for it on internet or better off you seek for recommendation from friends and reliable sources. Once you decided on where you want to hire an escort, you can visit their offices personally or visit their website if it is an online escort service provider. Staff will then accommodate you and assist you on how you will choose the particular escort you will hire. Pictures and profile with be presented to you by the staff. Websites are also providing pictures and profile of available escort for hire. Once you finally choose the escort you will hire you will then sign an agreement that contains further condition in hiring an escort. Payment will then follow. And once all are done, you may now take the escort with you and enjoy your company. So there you are sitting on the beach.  The world is alive and you are ready for some Hong Kong heat.  You look to your left and you look to your right.  Everyone you see is ending their day and getting ready for the night.  So you reach into your bag and pull out a small list that shines nice and bright.  Simple little thing called a Hong Kong Escort Guide (A guide for first time visitor). Ok, now you are armed and ready to seek out some sensual delights by starting an escort service search that will get you through the night.  You carefully start your challenge to find an escort service that promises to deliver the goods that are wet and wild that will make you smile.  You have in your mind that the Escort Service Hong Kong offers is the choice of the day.  But for some reason your mind begins to wander away.  You remember that the South Beach Escort Service has the flavour of the day, wet and wild in every way.  A tough choice it can be when the Escorts Service Hong Kong shows you is also a very hot commodity.  As you pause to think and sigh, you make that decision that catches your mind’s eye.  Hong Kong Escorts Service becomes the one that you know sits on a very high cloud in the sky.  The Hong Kong Escorts are totally sensual, totally seductive and easily the best dates alive.  You want the wet and wild ride, so you can only make one decision to get that pace.  The clear answer sits in front of your face.  The best way to satisfy your need for speed is let a Hong Kong Escort Service do their best service, simply to please. You can now rest assured that your intimate experience will be one that is an all out VIP Escort Experience, that surely is second to none.  A personal getaway with the charming sweet and spicy Hong Kong Escorts of your personal selection and delight.  That is the way to start the evening as the sun goes down and as your escort service search comes to an end.  Your choice has been made so now it is time to play.  Time to let the escorts service Hong Kong brings to the table take your heart away.  The one you select to be your perfect match as a companion will indulge you with the right entertainment venues to make the night seem like a dream.  You will roam the streets as if they are paved in gold because you have one of the  Hong Kong Escort Girls  at your grasp.  Not on call or sitting on hold, but at your side providing complete comfort and satisfaction that you expect from a beauty that seems so bold.  You have exotic and creamy and sweet as spice all wrapped up as one.  Seems like that decadent treat that you were told never to eat, because it is way too sweet.  8 Simple Rules to consider while hiring an escort It has probably crossed your mind to get a Russian escort Hong Kong. You need to enjoy the variety of pleasurable moments with them. However, before you dive for the advantages, you should know the rules of the game. It does not only entail booking and enjoying. There is a little more that you should know about the intricacies involved. We provide some basic tips for you: Remember; the Russian escort Hong Kong is a human being. In the introduction, ensure that you provide the basic info about you. In the conversation, you should be courteous and avoid name-calling. Just because someone is an escort, it does not make them any less human. This advice goes on into the encounter with her. If you become abusive and aggressive, you will not get what you wanted. Plus you may be slapped with an assault suit you had not budgeted for. More on manners, every Russian escort Hong Kong has given dos and dont's. It is very important that before you book or meet up with the escort of your choice, research. This does not call for overnight searching, it is as simple as knowing what she likes and does not like. This will prevent you from getting on her wrong side. The page does not only seek to advertise her but give clients more information so that they can know what to expect from her. What you see in the profile of any Russian escort Hong Kong girl is what you will get as the real deal. It will be rude for you to want more than can be given. Help the girl you choose to give you what you want. If she was to give company alone, unless otherwise agreed, do not pressure her to spend the night with you. Match your needs with the girls. There will always be someone to give you what you need, so do not spoil the mood by being greedy. Be open. Say what you want to be done to you. The Russian escort Hong Kong girl is not a psychic. For you to get value for your time and money, be open. When things are not going the way you want, politely inform or direct her. It would be such a waste for you to be quiet and leave feeling unsatisfied. Furthermore, it would be unjust if you go to complain about it and did not specify what you wanted. It is civil to be early for the appointment. If you get an emergency, let her know. Do not keep her in the room waiting for a no show. In addition, this will be helpful in case you had paid and need some compensation. Spell out your allergies. The journey to pleasure world is usually coupled with so many improvisations. There will be candles with different scents, rubbers of different flavors, pets, handcuffs or lotions. If you alert her about your known allergies, she will be more than happy to make the room conducive. It will be a terrible experience during the encounter you start experiencing allergic reaction. For your enjoyment, please alert before you react. Russian escort Hong Kong ensures clients happy and we can do a thorough cleaning so that you will enjoy your time in peace. To flip the coin, do not pour cologne to yourself. Ensure that you wear minimal sprays to minimize chances of the escort getting affected. Be clean and avoid foods that will leave your mouth smelling like mess. Keep to your time. It is common for one to be in pleasure world and forget the time. However, it is rude to extend your stay. When your time to leave comes, please leave. The worst thing that you could do is refuse to pay after an enjoyable pleasurable time. If you had to finish the payment after the encounter, please do. Do not be one of those clients that need security to come make you pay your dues. Stick to the agreement and do not push for impossible discounts. On our site, you will see women who offer discounts while some have fixed prices. As generous as you would want to be, do not carry gifts to the Russian escort Hong Kong without prior confirmation. It is uncommon for one to accept edibles and drinks from a stranger even if they are sealed. Some may not be able to enjoy the gifts or drinks because of personal preference. If you want to surprise her ask her what she is comfortable receiving. Questions to keep away from while dealing with an escort It could be very awkward, especially for first timers on the topics to discuss when dealing with Russian escort Hong Kong. Know what to ask so you can both have a great time. Read on. Topics to talk about may not come up as easily as you expect but do not gossip other escorts. As a client, it is very unprofessional to start asking the lady servicing you about other escorts mistakes or issues. Just because you did not have a good experience with one does not warrant to gossip about them in another appointment. It will spoil the mood for the escort and you may not get what you wanted. The best way is to talk to the manager, but slandering is not appropriate. It is very in appropriate to enquire about the number of clients of Russian escort Hong Kong. As much as those stories seem juicy, it is none of your business. Some may not feel a pinch talking about such matters while some find it offensive. If she wants to discuss that with you, that’s fine. However, steer clear from those questions as far as possible. Just enjoy, no need to demonize another person’s occupation Do not be judgmental. If she wanted some preaching, she would have visited a clergyman. Reserve your opinion on the profession to yourself. If you start inquiring why she is in that business, the conversation can blow up your face. Remember you being a client does not make you any better than her. Get value for money If you hire a Russian escort Hong Kong, you will get value for money. By the time she is done with you, you will be singing like a canary! They are good, flexible and their smooth Russian charm is infectious. Why should you stick with what you have every day? Try something exotic, go ahead, choose the Russian girl who catches your fancy and call them today. You will love them. Making the call You have already identified who you want, so how do you plan to make the call? As easy as it sounds, you need some tips not to get it wrong on the first step. Bear in mind that a successful call leads to an appointment with a Russian escort Hong Kong. The first step is to be relaxed. Do not be over anxious or too excited. Make the call as you would to any other professional service provider. Remember to be polite or you will not get through your first ten minutes with her. Reading the profile of the Russian escort Hong Kong before the call saves a lot of time. It is tiresome to let her repeat everything that she has advertised on the call. By the way, escorts have busy life. Make sure you are familiar with her name. It would be uncouth to call her number and ask which escort she is. Also know her rates and the amount of donations you are likely to give. If you want a discount, only ask from those with negotiable rates. Are you familiar with the laws of the land? Before making the call, you should be conversant with the state laws. Research, whether it is appropriate to call and how to do it. You can also ask friends who have done it before. Reading the website will give you info on how to do it. There could be codes on how the calls are done, familiarize with the words. Why are you calling? An annoying caller is one without a purpose. If you do not know what you want, do not waste time calling the escort. Ensure that you know the services that you want. It could be you want company, a night out, sensual massage, orgy or any other service. First, be sure which one you want and from Russian escort Hong Kong, the lady you are calling can provide. Do not call and start asking for services she hasn’t advertised. Know the time you are available. Be flexible before you call, it increases the chances of getting an appointment. The lady might be too busy and can slot you in on any day. Flexibility is important in this stage. During the Call You have already prepared on what to say; now let’s know what the call entails. Russian escort Hong Kong booking agent is likely to answer if you call the agency. Be professional and ask for the lady you want a date with. Explain that you saw her on the website and would like a date with her. In the introduction, it is important to say something nice about you. This will score you some points. During the call, she will want to know more info about you. As much as you want to be discreet, she will need some info about you. If you are hesitant that will pass off as a practical joke. Call some days after to confirm if the appointment is still on. This is very important, especially if you are a busy man. It will make the lady know that you are eager for her and she should bring her A-game. Maintain some level of discretion. Do not get into the detail of the services over the phone. That mostly violates the law. Be patient and wait for that day. Alternatively, you can visit her website and ask any other query you have before making the appointment. She wants to be discreet you ever know if it is a law officer making the call. In trying to book the appointment, ask her if she is free on a particular day. She is busy and if you let her choose she may slot you in on a day when you are not free. If you discover that you cannot make it for the appointment, be a gentleman. Call some hours or days prior to let her know of the cancellation. Russian escort Hong Kong girls take so much time preparing to look good so do not just turn her down without letting her know. If you are looking towards rescheduling then do it earlier. How to avoid Escort Con Looking for a Russian escort Hong Kong can result in nice pleasurable moments. However, some are cons that want to get your money or your personal information. So how do you know that an escort is real or not? This is a guide that will spare you from being conned in the name of looking for body satisfaction. Every escort has dos and don’ts. They have services they can offer and those they refrain from. Getting someone who is willing to do anything and everything under the sun raises eyebrows. Most con escorts hook you up by agreeing to all the services you want. They will also attach a reward or gift that they will want you to carry when you go to meet them. Be wary of such. Looking at the pictures will tell you a lot. In case the lady looks angelic and out of this world then she is probably not on this world. Some pictures are edited to have the best features to hook up unsuspecting clients. They will have everything out and leaving nothing to the imagination. If everything is laid bare, it could be the profile does not belong to anyone. If you have already identified which escort, you want check her in other websites. Most escorts are signed up to one or few agencies. If you find the lady, you are interested is in all escort adverts, run! The best Russian escort Hong Kong is available in our agency only. Another way to know if this a scam escort, look for background info. If there is no means of communicating to her, then it is worrying. How will you confirm the appointment? How will you know the whereabouts of the appointment? If she doesn’t have referrals, then it means no one has experienced her services. Do not send money upfront, pay for the advertisement nor insurance. If she has a booking agency, it should cater for that. If you have to pay some bucks in order to access the profiles, then look for other profiles. Just as you cannot pay for a commodity without seeing it, don’t send any money without seeing her or agreeing to the terms and conditions. Impressed by the escort services? You have not seen anything yet if you have not tried the Russian escort Hong Kong yet. Call today, choose anyone that you like from the agency website and she will be ready for you by the time you land in Hong Kong. Call now, don’t spend time in Hong Kong alone.  But for this one the taste is what you want since that is the essence of your choice for this night. The night will pass and the gorgeous escort will still be there.  That is when you should decide that the day is for fun also and not just to relax in the beach air.  Your escort service search did what you need to have done.  It gave you the wet and wild that made you have a permanent smile.  That is a luxury that you deserve when you visit the magical exotic place that has Hong Kong Escorts moving here and there from place to place.  So the next time you have a beach day, just remember that the Escort Service Hong Kong  is simply a breath away.  They will help you find an escort service that will make you want to stay. 

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