6 Reasons Why Escorts Are So Appealing

6 Reasons Why Escorts Are So Appealing

Do you ever wonder why escorts are so popular? Why do many men and women turn to escort agencies for help, pleasure or sexual gratification? Nowadays its relatively easy to find escorts in just about every country in the world, especially with everybody turning to the internet for just about anything.

Searching for escorts online will return thousands of results and information about their professional services. Escorts are either independent, meaning they organize their own work, or work for an agency who find their work for them.

But why do people hire them in the first place? What makes them so appealing?  Here’s what we found out:

1. No time for dating

If you think that only unattractive, old people hire escorts then you are obviously mistaken. In fact, many good-looking sexually attractive people would rather hire an escort than look for Mr / Mrs Right. That’s because they don’t have time for courting. These people spend hours behind the desk and work, building an empire or looking for a solution for cancer, leaving them no time to look for romance. It’s no surprise that a lot of professional and successful people hire escorts not only because they can afford them but they make excellent dates. There are many classy escorts that can easily pose as a trophy girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Avoiding rejection

It can’t be denied that there are clients who pay for escorts because frankly, they can’t score a date. Why would they bother wowing a special girl or guy at the office or the hot crush across the street when they know they don’t stand a chance? Hiring an escort is the surefire way to have a hot babe in your arms without the fear of being rejected, or wasting your precious time. Escorts are great professionals that can also boost one’s self-esteem and confidence, provide fantastic company and have intimate romances with.

3. Custom-made partner

So your fantasy is a blonde, size six, over five feet tall and a college graduate? Great! Then its as easy searching for an escort in your city on sites like hongkongescort.com. You can easily find he or she in just a couple of seconds. That’s the beauty of powerful Google maps technology combined with great web design for the adult industry. You can have a custom-made babe delivered to your front door at any time of the day or night. Many escorts have profiles online and you can browse them to find the one that suits your preference. You’ll have your custom-made special someone in no time. Alternatively, there are realistic sex dolls available from online adult stores like The Hot Spot. They are so realistic now days and the best part is, you get to keep them forever.

4. Worth the money

Escorts charge by the hour. Their prices are determined by the country and city they are working in, their age, and the kind of service you want. For instance, if you just need somebody to show off to your friends or a date for that company party, an escort can charge you per hour at a reasonable fee. This is known as a GFE or a Girl Friend Experience. However, escorts charge more for “extra” services especially if you want to have a bed partner until morning or someone to accompany you on your trips. This is known as a PSE or Porn Star experience. No matter what services you want and how much you’re paying, rest assured it’s worth every cent you pay them. They’ll never break your agreement and they’ll do their best to satisfy all of your desires. After all, this is what you are paying them for and their reputation is also at stake. Like most businesses, they like repeat customers and they need good recommendations and reviews as well.

5. Purely transactional

Are you one of those who run away from commitments? Do you usually avoid the awkwardness of the “morning after”? Indeed, there are people who just want to have a good time but don’t want to be burdened by the responsibilities of being in a relationship. If this sounds like you then you’ll find escorts very appealing. Everything you do with them is purely transactional. It doesn’t matter if you call them the next day or not or send flowers and chocolates later. They’re professionals who know that everything is part of a job, and they won’t expect anything extra from you at all.

6. Build a lasting “relationship”

Many escorts build unique and strong bonding relationships with their clients. Take for instance those who just need good company. Sometimes busy people get lonely, and having an escort to talk to and hang out with rather than their same old friends, is like a breath of fresh air. These are the type of escorts that are trustworthy and will never share important information about their clients to other people. On the other hand, there are those who will always rely on their favorite escort to join them for dinner or accompany them to an event. It only takes one phone call. Nobody will ever know that you’re dating and escort, especially since you’re already both comfortable with each other.

Escorts are very appealing in many ways. They’re very attractive with killer looks and hot bods. They also possess charisma and professionalism at what they do. But what makes them more appealing is that they also provide comfort and convenience to their clients especially to those who have no time for courting or fear being rejected. They’re also excellent partners for those who don’t like commitments. Most importantly, they’re worth what you paid for since you can have them custom-made to suit your liking.