The Do's and Don’ts when Meeting an Escort for the First Time.

The Do’s and Don’ts when Meeting an Escort for the First Time.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to look for your first escort. There are many reasons why you might want to hire an escort. There is a wide variety of escorts out there to contact for whatever your desires may be. Now that you’re looking for an escort to contact, it is important for you to know what you would come to expect out of your experience with your escort. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you make the most out of your time and value for your money.

Before Contacting Them:

Know the relevant laws and regulations in your area:

While you are not expected to have a complete knowledge of every law and its respective intricacies, knowing the basics of what is allowed and illegal is always a good start. Laws vary from place to place. In some areas, advertising for sex is illegal, but advertising for time isn’t. In such places, service providers (SPs) or escorts will likely refuse to discuss sex details. In other areas, the legal statuses of outcalls (when the service provider goes to you) and in calls (when you go to the service provider) may be different. Knowing what is legal and acting appropriately ensures the safety of you and the escort you choose.

According to, prostitution is illegal in the US except in the state of Nevada. However, there’s a difference between providing escort services and being a prostitute. The escort isn’t breaking the law if he or she provides services that don’t include sex. Also they tend to bypass these legalities due to some technicalities. For instance, they often work at the comfort of their own homes or hotels and other locations according to the client. Unlike with prostitutes who are publicly selling their services on the streets, escorts use the web or a mobile app.

Know how much you are willing to spend

Escorts often have a wide range of rates. Time for both you and the escort are valuable, so always keep your budget in mind while looking at an escort directory. Don’t contact an escort that charges $350 an hour when you don’t intend to pay that much. You wouldn’t barter for the services of your hairdresser or your waiter, so treat your escort the same way. Some escorts may offer different rates for women, trans gender, or people with disabilities. Some others will not. Always read your escort’s rates carefully before contacting them. As a final note, a tip for your escort is considered polite. Remember this as you decide on your budget.

Know what you’re looking for and what their policies are.

Do you have a specific fetish or kink in mind? Do you want to be spanked? Or perhaps you are looking for someone who enjoys receiving anal? There are many escorts who would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Their directory advertisement will always describe what they offer, so take your time to read through them. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time asking your escort to do something they’re unwilling to do. If your preferred escort has a website, they might have a policies section that will describe what they are willing to offer for you. Read through this thoroughly. It is never okay to ask for things that your escort is not comfortable with offering.

In your Correspondence and Session:

Communicate clearly

To ensure everyone’s safety, your escort might ask for some information, like your name and references. Always be polite, direct, and specific. No escort wants to feel like an interrogator, forcing information out of you. The way you communicate with your escort will greatly affect their first impressions of you, so always try to impress. The better you communicate, the happier your he or she will be to meet with you and the better your overall experience will be.

Communicate properly

Communicating with your escort is always welcome. However, in any social situation, there will be some conversation topics that may be considered rude, unnecessarily probing, or plain uncomfortable. Your conversations with your SP are no different. Don’t ask questions about you’re his or her clientele, their name, their relationship status, their work experiences, or their education. Also refrain from asking about pimps, drug use, or trauma. These topics, among many other topics, may make him or her feel uncomfortable and will negatively affect the experience for both of you. Some escorts may be okay talking about these topics, but make sure that they bring them up in conversation and are comfortable with talking about them.

If you sense that your escort might is feeling uncomfortable with a topic you have brought up, its best to move to a new topic of conversation. There have been many times that escorts are asked to have sex without protection. In today’s age of AIDS and STD’s, this is obviously a big no no. Don’t ask and don’t offer extra money to have unprotected sex.

Be punctual

If, for whatever reason, you’re running late for your booking, let your escort know immediately. If you’re early, let him or her know immediately as well. Never expect to have an extension for your session if you’re late. Leave this decision to your escort. Some may be willing to provide an extension for you, but more often than not, they will have another booking or somewhere else to go. They are unlikely to be able to give you special accommodations if you’re late. Being late means that you will have a shorter session, and you are expected to pay for the entire time you booked.

Reviews and cancellations

Always ask the escort if they would like you to post a review for them. You are always free to give an honest opinion of your experience with an escort. If they do want a review, be direct and honest, but don’t write in detail what you experience or use distasteful language. If you wish to cancel, always provide prior notice as early as possible. 12 hours prior notice is recommended. Also pay a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel your escort’s services.

Be respectful

To reduce the risks of STI, always make sure that you have bathed and brushed your teeth 30 minutes before the session. Always have your fingernails cut cleanly as well. Never answer the door naked. Remember your manners. Never demand anything out of your escort. Ask them instead, and say “please” and “thank you”. Always have condoms and lube ready. If you’re bringing toys, make sure that they are clean and body-safe. At the start of the session, be straightforward about the transaction and don’t make your escort ask for their payment.

Tips or gifts

While a large tip isn’t necessary, a tip lets your escort know how well you enjoyed your experience. This will be important if you wish to book them again. If you don’t want to give a tip, a gift is also appropriate. Your escort’s website may include a wish list, or have a list of things that they would like as a gift. Otherwise, a gift certificate for a store like Amazon is also a great way to let them know your appreciation for them. This allows them to pick their own gifts.

While gifts or tips are not necessary, they greatly influence your relationship with your escort and will definitely improve your experience. These gifts may be directed towards the experience as well. There are clients who buy sex toys and lubes that they know their escorts appreciate. These show that the clients care and respect them, while simultaneously directly improving the clients’ overall experience. Always buy your sex toys from safe and reputable adult shops like The Hot Spot.

As a final note, there are other things that should be expected as you meet your escort. After you’ve spoken to one that you like, and you’ve made a booking, your appointment could be in a number of areas. Your meeting can be at your home, the escort’s home, or at a hotel. Some areas have laws that may dictate where you and your escort are allowed to meet. Some might prohibit you from visiting them, and some may prohibit them from visiting you. It is important that you and your escort communicate these details appropriately.

Now that you’ve finished contacting your escort and they’re expected to arrive, try to remain calm. Think of this experience as a very short date, accompanied with the assurance that you know you’re going to have sex. Don’t drink too much, and prepare for their arrival.

Before your Escort arrives:

Wherever your appointment may be, be it a hotel room or your own home; make sure that the place is clean. The bathroom deserves special attention, as you and your escort will be spending some time in the bathroom before and after your session. Make sure that you have toiletries and clean towels available for use. Treat this as you would a date, a good first impression is always vital. Being clean and well-dressed will help you make the best first impression. Some mouthwash is always good too.

When your Escort arrives:

Treat your escort as you would a regular guest. As they arrive, take some time to make them feel at home. Be friendly and courteous. Offer a glass of water or take them around your house. A tour is greatly appreciated when the appointment is in your house, so they wouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted or unexpected guests hiding in your house.

Never try to be touchy or sexy before their fee has been given. This is considered rude, and will definitely make him or her uncomfortable. Make sure to hand them their fee as early as possible. Many prefer a neat envelope of cash, as opposed to an untidy bunch of notes. Doing this early allows both of you to ease your minds out of unnecessary distractions and focus on what comes next.

Sometimes, they might want to call a friend or a driver to let them know that they are okay. This is something they would do to every client they meet to make sure that they are safe. Don’t take this personally.

Hygiene and Health Check

Before your start, your escort may ask to check your private parts to make sure there is nothing for them to be worried about. Don’t be nervous. This may initially seem uncomfortable, but a good escort will make sure to make this process smooth and fun. Not all escorts do this, and not all of them will ask to check you right away. However, they will eventually be taking a look at you. Needless to say, have yourself checked by a GP before you book an appointment to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Even if you’ve already showered well before your escort arrives, they may ask you to take a shower again. Similar to the call they’d make to a friend, this is a safety measure for them and shouldn’t be taken personally.

Getting Things Started

Escorts will have unique ways to approach sex, which makes this topic a little difficult to describe completely. Being intimate with someone who you’ve only just met will be an interesting experience. Some prefer to start with a glass of wine and some conversation on a couch or a bed. They may eventually lead to some kissing or cuddling, then some more heavy foreplay. If you feel nervous about what’s right or appropriate, let your escort take the lead. Don’t be embarrassed to say that you feel nervous about the experience. If you feel uncertain about the pace, you can ask them if you may kiss them, or if you may take them to the bedroom. Asking for approval is always appreciated and sexy at the same time. Generally speaking, the pace would be set by the escort, which should allow you to have as much fun in the time you share together.

The Sexy Stuff

Your sexual experience with your escort will generally depend on what you’re both comfortable with. This may include oral sex on you, and sex (of course). However, always keep in mind that you have control on what you and your escort do. If you feel uncomfortable about something, let him or her know. For example, If all you’d like is a blow job or a hand job, your escort will definitely be able to accommodate you.

Safe sex remains to be important, and precautions must always be met. Your escort will lead on in this. They will be providing condoms and lube, and will be the one to make sure the condom is worn correctly. In some areas, it is illegal for an escort to perform a blow job without a condom. Even without these laws, asking for a blow job without a condom is considered bad manners and will affect your overall experience.

Remember that this is not just about you getting off. This is about the whole experience. Your escort will do their best to perform for you, but whether you cum or not is your responsibility. Many clients get nervous in their first time with an escort. They would have a difficult time getting hard, or be unable to cum due to nervousness. Don’t worry if this happens to you. It happens to many other clients and your escort will understand. Do what feels good for you and relax. Even if things don’t go according to plan, he or she will never think less of you. Your appointment is about you. So long as you’re respectful and friendly, your escort won’t think badly of you.

While in the topic of respect, always remember to keep your escort’s wishes in mind. If your escort asks for you to slow down, change positions, or be gentler, it is important to respect their requests. If you’re both not having fun, the overall experience will turn out worse. It is considered good manners to ask before penetration. This includes fingering. Also, never go for their ass without their permission. That’s just inappropriate.

Neither of you can read each other’s minds and know what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s important for you to communicate these things to your escort, and to listen when the other person communicates these to you. Asking first is always sexy and promotes trust between you.

Finishing Up

The end of your booking will generally be some cuddling and some chatting, with about 10 to 15 minutes for your escort to take a shower. Keeping track of time is his or responsibility, but it is always ok to ask how much time you have left.

After your escort takes a shower, they will take some time to gather their things. They may call their driver to come pick them up. Be courteous and polite until the end. Thank them as they leave. Promises of further booking are not necessary, and tipping is unnecessary unless you want to and feel like they did a good job.

Clients sometimes feel a little sad by the end of a booking. If you remain courteous and polite from the start till the end, and you are satisfied about your entire experience, rest assured that your escort enjoyed the appointment as well. Spend some time with a drink to reflect on the experience you’ve just had. While the experience itself is fun, the most important thing that remains will be your memories from it.